D. S. U., družba za svetovanje in upravljanje, d.o.o. (hereinafter: DSU) carries out two core activities: implements investments in real estate, including the management of management of real estate property, and public authorisations related to the transformation of ownership of social property.

DSU was established in 2001 within the scope of the transformation and dissolution of Slovenska razvojna družba, d.d. (hereinafter: SDC). Pursuant to the Transfer of the Powers, Rights and Liabilities of the Slovenian Development Company and on the Dissolution of Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Restructuring and Privatisation Act (hereinafter: the ZPPSRD), DSU, as a single-owner enterprise 100% owned by the Republic of Slovenia, as of 7 May 2004 assumed all authorisations, rights and obligations of SDC (in liquidation) deriving from the transformation of ownership of social property, privatisation and denationalisation. This involves a number of tasks and assets that DSU manages on its own behalf and for the account of the Republic of Slovenia. Pursuant to the ZPPSRD it therefore continues the extensive and complex service of resolving issues related to ownership and the conclusion of procedures relating to the transformation of ownership of social property which were previously carried out by the Company's legal predecessors, i.e. the Slovenian Development Fund, SDC and the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Restructuring and Privatisation.

In addition to the implementation of public authorisations which are tied to a number of court proceedings conducted by DSU, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a decision in July 2007 on the expansion of DSU's activity to the management of material assets (real estate) and the securing of spatial conditions for the functioning of public administration bodies and the public sector. DSU thereby began investing available funds in real estate projects.