DSU strives to provide users of business premises spatial conditions at competitive prices, and a high quality and healthy working environment.
DSU performs tasks related to public authorisations in a lawful and transparent manner, abiding by the highest standards of diligence. 


DSU has become a major investor in commercial real estate. Investments in real estate are complemented by a comprehensive approach to real estate management and responsible maintenance that both contribute to increasingly competitive and environmental friendly investments.
DSU shall conclude the procedures relating to public authorisations (privatisation of social property) for the benefit of the state as its founder.


DSU shall pursue the following strategic policies:

  • ensuring legality, professionalism and transparency with respect to investment property and during the implementation of public authorisations;
  • cost-effective management of investment property and other assets;
  • increase in revenue by investing in new investment property, achievement of a higher return on existing real estate and the management of operating costs that is focused on increasing a company's value;
  • investment of available funds accompanying the achievement of expected return in accordance with the adopted methodology for the assessment of the appropriateness of investments;
  • seeking new investment opportunities on the private market for commercial real estate and in other real estate-related areas;
  • maintaining the profitability of operations;
  • securing funds for the budget of the Republic of Slovenia in terms of the implementation of public authorisations;
  • concern for the continuous development of employees and a stimulating and successful working environment.

Further development of the Company will be based on investments in real estate and on the management of real estate property, both for public administration needs in the broader sense and for the private sector. 
DSU shall upgrade its positive experiences to date in the acquisition and management of the state's material assets and optimise its investments in the context of satisfying the needs and expectations of public lessees. In cooperation with the responsible ministries, it wishes to become the parent company for the management of real estate (commercial buildings) owned by the Republic of Slovenia and a company which solves the spatial needs of the public administration under competitive terms.
DSU utilises the advantages of a company, thereby optimally financing real estate projects for public administration needs. It implements projects with a combination of its own funds and funds secured on financial markets, or as a manager of public-private partnership projects. It also plans to strengthen its role as a private market investor and provide its real estate-related services to private lessees and buyers under competitive terms.
With regard to the initial purpose of establishment, the Company shall also continue to ensure the lawful and successful implementation of the law governing the transformation of ownership of social property. 
The future development and role of DSU have been and will continue to be the subject of discussion among all relevant stakeholders, in particular the Republic of Slovenia as the owner of the Company and corporate governance bodies, in particular the SSH.